Naim Ahmed
5 min readMar 31, 2021

This is probably a story I’ve been wanting to write for ages and now since I’ve finally taken a photo of my EDC, I can talk about it and share my EDC. Obviously, with lockdown, there hasn't been a lot of carrying with everything shut and WFH since March 2020. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my EDC.

how do people take good EDC pictures?

Phone - OnePlus 6

Starting with the most important item, my OnePlus 6. My most carried item. I take this everywhere, to bed, to the toilet (sorry), it is stuck to my hand. I don’t think there’s a minute where my phone isn’t a meter away from me (don’t think that’s a good thing). I bought the OnePlus 6 back in 2018 when it first came out. It was my first flagship phone since the Nexus 5 I had since 2013. It was also the last OnePlus phone that had the headphone jack which I still use daily.

if this phone screen could talk about how much p…

Earphones — Samsung Galaxy Buds

Probably my second most used item from my EDC. Again, I bought the Galaxy Buds when they first came out in 2019 and they are still going strong. There was a period where the left earbud had gone in the wash and stopped working. I didn't use it for a few months and one day I took it out, charged it, and what do you know? It worked again! I was going to end up upgrading to the Galaxy Buds+ but, when these came back to life again, there was no need to. If it ain't broke, don't fix it or don't upgrade it in this case if it's still working fine.

wonder how much earwax these have had to endure, sorry buds

Slim Wallet

I hated how big traditional wallets were and so when I came across slim wallets I was so happy because they were perfect. There are some expensive name brand ones but, this current one can be bought from eBay for a couple of quid. I do carry quite a few cards (though I only ever use max 2), and I barely have any notes. When I do carry notes, I bought a pouch from Amazon which I superglued to the front. I keep probably at max a £10 in there and a ninja card which is a nice novelty to carry though, I’ve never actually used it. Having a phone with NFC + Google Pay, the debit card has become quite redundant for me now. I don’t make purchases more than the £30 limit so cards aren’t really necessary.

can’t think of anything to say

Watch — Citizen AT8110–02A

As a tech enthusiast, 2014 me would’ve probably thought 2021 me would be wearing a smartwatch right now. Unfortunately, smartwatches haven’t really caught on, especially for Android. I cannot justify spending near £300 for a smartwatch when I’ll probably still be using my phone. Not to mention, I never really was a watch guy up until last year when I started getting into watches. This watch was a birthday present to myself. I don’t really buy myself birthday presents but this watch was special. I saw this watch back in 2015 and at 17 years old, a £300 watch was totally out of the question. Fast forward 5 years and with a full-time job, I found this watch being sold by a UK seller and decided to bite the bullet and “treat” myself. A very expensive treat but a very beautiful one at that. Paired with a beautiful navy crocodile strap which ended costing near £30 with import duty, it really does compliment the blue dials of the watch really well. I’m a sucker for blue hands on watches. I just hope this is a watch that can last a long time.

I want to cry at how good this looks

Pocket Fragrance — Prada L’homme

I wasn’t really into fragrances till around my third year at University when I started to become hooked. I’ve got a respectful variety of fragrances which I try to find a deal on instead of paying full price. Again, with lockdown, there's not been a lot of spraying but that hasn't stopped me from buying 3 more fragrances in the past year. This was part of a gift set for under £40 and came with this nice 10ml pocket spray which fits in a pocket like a pen. The smell is fresh and nothing crazy which is perfect for the majority of occasions.

please someone tell me I smell good :(


I mean, what more can I say? They’re keys to the home, my room and my filing cabinet. I keep separate keys for my car as the car is parked outside the back so instead of needing the front door key, I need the backdoor key. I find this works for me since I don’t drive often and don't like having too many keys in my pocket. I don’t have any sort of gadget or tools on my keychain as I like keeping it low profile. I definitely was one of those guys who tried to keep a whole toolset on their keyrings but found my pockets just became too heavy. Maybe in the future, I can find a slim, light tool to add.

home is where the heart is or food

Chewing Gum — Airwaves

Again, nothing really special, it’s gum. Slim, lightweight, nice flavour and does its task well. 10/10 would buy again.

hate how chewing gum makes you more hungry


Hope you enjoyed this bit of me sharing something. I’m still not used to sharing stuff with the internet but hopefully, I can start doing it more as I do somewhat enjoy it though it feels weird. Anyway, the last image is all of my EDC (apart from the phone) in an empty sweet box which makes for a nice drop tray :)

I never actually use this tray to store this apart from the keys lol