My 30 Day Experience With Cold Showers

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It Doesn't Really Get Easier As You Go On

Well, this isn’t quite as true if I am comparing it to the first time I took a shower to the latest time. When you first take a cold shower you don’t really know what to expect and how your body will react to the cold water. Once you’ve done it a couple of time or even after the first time you do have an idea what to expect. My point being, in my opinion, your body doesn’t really get used to the cold water. It’s still cold. From your very first time to your last time.

Running Through A Brick Wall

I’ve found that once I finish with my cold shower I have two immediate feelings, either I feel as if I can run through a brick wall with all this bottled energy that appears, or I feel like going straight into bed or anywhere I can get warm as I was f*cking freezing. It was usually either of the two and rarely anything in between.

Building Discipline

One of the main reasons I decided to take up cold showers is so I could build discipline. Cold showers are not fun. Honestly, as someone who loved the warm water each morning where I felt like I could finally relax this was a sudden change for me. I no longer wanted to be in the shower. I realised it does take discipline to take cold showers. Going into the shower setting the tap to it’s coldest and just turning on the shower and those milliseconds waiting for the cold water to drop across your body are scary. Also, having to do it every single day doesn’t make waking up in the morning anymore as fun as having to wake up in the morning.


Weirdly enough I liked taking cold showers. It’s currently September and I still try to take a cold shower though there are days where I do take normal showers as it’s something I find a lot of comfort in. One thing I realised from a lot of other people is that I stay in the cold shower for the same time as a normal shower. My shower time hasn’t really decreased as once you get your whole body wet and ensure it’s constantly wet it doesn’t feel all that bad. I still wash as normal and it doesn't make me rush my showers. The hardest part was honestly getting into the shower and those first 30 seconds where your body first feels contact with the water. Once your body has been wet for a minute then it sort of does feel normal as long as your constantly having the cold water dropping onto your body. I don’t feel like I’ve gained any sort of magical powers through taking cold showers so I am not sure but I’m guessing it’s still good for the body and I will hope to continue with it even through winter. God help me welp.

My Tips

  • Get your whole body wet and keep it wet
  • Get through the first 30–60 seconds and you should be fine
  • Jump in, don’t think about it
  • And remember, it’s just a shower at the end of the day.



So uh, can I call myself a writer now?

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